“Matsuri-No-Yu” Hot Spring located in front of Seibu Chichibu Station



In April 2017, “Matsuri-No-Yu”, a hot spring facility connected to Seibu Chichibu station, opened.

“Matsuri-No-Yu” became the closest hot spring to the station – previously the closest hot spring was located about 10 minutes by car from the station.

In “Matsuri-No-Yu”, there are souvenir shops and a food court where visitors can enjoy Chichibu gourmet in addition to the hot spring.

This article introduces “Matsuri-No-Yu” including fees, vouchers and opening hours.

About “Matsuri-No-Yu”

Overview of the hot spring facility and free/paid areas


“Matsuri-No-Yu” is a hot spring facility based on the concept of Chichibu’s special “festivals”. It was newly built in April 2017 and is located directly next to Seibu Chichibu station.

Why is the concept “festival”?

Various (big and small) festivals are held in Chichibu from March to December and the area is famed for being a place where people love festivals.

One such event is the Chichibu Night Festival held in December, has continued for over 300 years since the Edo period, which was registered as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2016.

People in Chichibu have a great passion and work hard all year to attend the Chichibu Night Festival.

Therefore, “Matsuri-No-Yu” is named after a concept of “festival”, which is what Chichibu is famous for.

Facility Information

Matsuri-No-Yu is divided into three areas.

【Hot Spring Area】
Outdoor bath, Artificial carbonated spring, Silky hot spring, Bedrock bath, Hot spring for day trips, Accommodation and Restaurants.
【hopping Area】
Chichibu Souvenir Shop
There are many souvenirs including Chichibu specialties and local products.
【Food Court】
Nomikui-Dokoro Matsuri-No-Utage
Enjoy Waraji Katsudon, Chichibu specialty, Soba, and Grilled offal.

Access from Tokyo by Train and Car

From Ikebukuro to Seibu Chichibu Station, it takes 78 minutes by Red Arrow Limited Express on the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line.

When visiting the Chichibu area, the hot spring is easy to access as it is located at Seibu Chichibu Station.

Location Seibu Chichibu Station
Address 16-15, 1-Chome, Nosaka-machi, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture
By train ・Using Seibu-Ikebukuro line, [Ikebukuro→Seibu Chichibu] ,78 minutes by Red Arrow Limited Express
・Using the Chichibu Railway, 70 minutes [Kumagaya→Ohanabatake], then walk 5 minutes to Seibu Chichibu station.
・Using a direct train, S-TRAIN, [Motomachi/China town→Seibu Chichibu] only weekends and national holidays.
By car ・Using the Kan-Etsu Expressway, about 45 minutes from Hanazono IC.
・Using the Chuo Expressway, about 90 minutes from Katsunuma IC
・Using National Route 299, about 60 minutes from Hanno.
Car Parking Available (100 yen/30 minutes)
・2 hours free parking for customers using Matsuri-No-Yu (hot spring)
・2 hours free parking for customers spending over 1000 yen at restaurants or shops.

【Hot Spring Area】Matsuri-No-Yu≪Paid Area≫


The hot spring facilities are not free to enter but there are enjoyable facilities such as restaurants, a massage service, accommodation and hot springs.

The reception and restaurant is on the first floor, whereas the hot springs and bedrock bath are located on the second floor. There are five enjoyable outdoor baths and six indoor baths.

  • Rental face towels/bath towels are available. Bringing your own towels can save 200yen.
  • Free rental aromatic body soap/shampoo/conditioner/amenities available.

Fees and Opening Hours


[The hot spring area] Matsuri-No-Yu is not free of charge. It is entered from a reception on the first floor.

There is special membership service, as below, although the membership registration fee is 300yen. Only adult can be a member and the validity is one year from the enrollment date, the renewal fee is 100yen.

  • Becoming a member, discount 50yen from the entrance fee or 90yen from indoor clothes set, for up to five accompanying guests.
  • Stamp service, one entrance is free after visiting 20 times.
  • Electric coupon tickets, equivalent to 900yen per visit.

Opening Hours

The facilities open from 6am to 11pm (until midnight on Fridays/Saturdays/the days before national holidays).

It is possible to stay at the premium lounge (reservation is necessary).

Opening Days Time
Entrance/Bath Mon-Thurs/Sun/National holidays 10:00~23:00(Last reception 22:30)
Fri/Sat/The day before a national holiday/Specified days 10:00~24:00(Last reception 23:30)
Stay Fri/Sat/The day before a national holiday/Specified days 20:00~9:00am(Last reception 23:30)
Morning Bath Sat/Sun/National holidays/Specified days 6:00~9:00(Last reception 8:30)

Entrance Fees

※[price of Sat/Sun/National holidays]

Entrance Fees Adult (over 13 years old) Child (up to 12 years old)
Regular 980yen [1,080yen] 600yen[710yen]
Towel Set(*1) 1,200yen [1,300yen] 820yen[930yen]
Indoor clothes set(*2) 1,330yen [1,430yen]

*1 Including entrance fee + face towel・bath towel
*2 Including entrance fee + face towel・bath towel + indoor clothes

Other Fees

※[price of Sat/Sun/National holidays]

Adult (over 13 years old)
Bedrock bath (including wear) 380yen[440yen]
Premium Lounge (2 hours) 540yen[760yen]

Accommodation Fees (20:00~9:00am) ※the entrance fee is not included.

※available only Fri/Sat/the day before National holidays/Specified days]

Adult (over 13 years old)
Additional charge for late night (after 24:00) 2,490yen
Premium Lounge [stay]
(Including additional charge for late night, reservation is required) 20:00~

Morning Bathing Entrance Fee

※Towel set and indoor clothes are not available for the morning bath.

Adult (over 13 years old) Child (up to 12 years old)
Sat/Sun/the day before a national holiday/specified day 760yen 500yen

Types of Hot Springs/ Bedrock bath/Lounge

Hot Springs

Hot Springs

There are a variety of outdoor and indoor baths.

Hot Springs

The outdoor baths have a great view of Mt. Buko, the symbol of Chichibu. It may be possible to view fireworks on the day of the Chichibu Night Festival while in baths.

【Outdoor Bath】 Rock bath, Flower-viewing bath, Lying bath, Pot bath
【Indoor Bath】 Highly-Concentrated Artificial carbonated spring、Silky bath, Jet bath, Water bath, Sauna, Salty sauna(women only)
Amenities 〇(Free charge)
・Aromatic Body Soap
・Aromatic Shampoo
・Aromatic Conditioner
Toiletries 〇(Free charge)
Dryer 〇(Free charge)

Bedrock bath

Bedrock bath

In the bedrock facility, there are 11 bedrock spaces to lay down as well as a rock cave sauna. Only adults can use this facility, children under 13 years old cannot enter.
Bedrock bathrock cave sauna

Bedrock bath 4 types of bedrock (Yaku-Ho-Gyoku-Seki (Natural Stones), germanium ore, tourmaline ore)
Rock cave sauna Approximately 60℃


After bathing, visitors can lay down in a tatami room which is about 13㎡.
Sockets are available to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones.


38 reclining chairs and 2 massage chairs are available to use.
There is also a TV.
Sockets are available to charge electric devices such as mobile phones.
Blankets are available for free of charge when it is cold. Many visitors relax in the chairs under a blanket while watching TV, some even take a nap.


Hogushi-Dokoro is where visitors can get a massage or body care treatments. It is possible to fully refresh with massage after taking a bath.

How about getting a massage to refresh after a long drive or mountain climbing?

Premium Lounge (possible to stay)

Premium Lounge
In the Premium Lounge there are 13 booths each with seats that can be reserved, there are also 8 further booths that are reserved for women only. It is possible to stay on Friday, Saturday and the day before a national holiday.

Unlike Kutsurogi-Dokoro, each of the booths in the premium lounge has a curtain and partitioning walls.
Premium Lounge

Each booth is about 2㎡ and has a reclining chair, a TV, a plug and a reading light. The chair can be reclined until almost horizontal so it is easy to sleep.
chairelectrical outlet

Although each booth is separated by a partitioning wall, there is no door but a curtain and the ceiling is open. Therefore, it is not a fully private room as sounds from the next room can be heard. It is better to bring earplugs to avoid sounds.

For those who don’t mind an open space, it is recommended to sleep in Kutsurogi-Dokoro which is 1000 yen cheaper than the Premium Lounge. The chairs in the Kutsurogi-Dokoro can also be reclined to almost horizontal.

Accommodation rate Kutsurogi-Dokoro:2490yen
Premium Lounge:3460yen(reservation is required)
※the entrance fee is not included
Check out 9am
How to reserve Telephone reservation only for premium lounge


There are some restaurants outside Matsuri-No-Yu but there is only one restaurant (Chichibu-Yu-Daidokoro) inside Matsuri-No-Yu

Open hours 9:00~20:30
Menu Signature dish is “Wappa Meshi”, and you can choose from 5 different flavors.

【Shopping Area】Chichibu Souvenir Shop≪Free Area≫

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir shops are located at a free-of-charge area where Chichibu souvenirs can be purchased. It might be nice to purchase local wine and Chichibu sake as souvenir.

Shops and Opening Hours



Opening Hours 6:30~20:30
Information Snacks and light meals, etc.



Opening Hours 10:00~20:30
Information Amazake (hot/cold), Soymilk ice-cream, etc.

Chichibu Souvenir Shop

Chichibu Souvenir Shop

Opening Hours 9:00~20:30
Information A variety of Chichibu specialties and local products.

Mini seat cushions decorated with a motif of a local celebrity
Mini seat cushions decorated with a motif of a local celebrity, Mr. Taihei Hayashiya (a Rakugo story teller)

anime products
There are goods with designs based on some famous animation set in Chichibu.

Hello Kitty products
There are Chichibu-version Hello Kitty products.

My recommendation is “Chichibu Oname”, pickled eggplants and gingers. It goes well with rice.



Opening hours 10:00~20:30
Information Sakes from Chichibu breweries are available.

Wine and Sake are available, and you can have tasting. If you’re not driving, please try Chichibu-made flavors.



Opening Hours 10:00~20:30
Information Sweets, groceries, and Chichibu-Meisen products, which received special designation from the Japanese Government.

【Food Court】Nomikui-Dokoro Matsuri-No-Utage≪Free Area≫

Nomikui-Dokoro Matsuri-No-Utage

There are 9 restaurants in the Food Court, where Chichibu delicacies such as Walnut Soba, Waraji Katsu-Don, and Pork Miso-Don are available. Please visit as there is no entrance fee to enter this area.

A recommended menu item is “Waraji Katsu-Don”, a Chichibu delicacy, available at the Chichibu Waraji Katsu Tei.

Restaurants and Opening Hours



Opening Hours 10:00~21:00
Information Enjoy gelato made with Chichibu sake and Chichibu maple cream puffs.

こちThis is a Chichibu maple cream puff (300yen).
Chichibu maple cream puff

It is crispy on the outside with maple syrup and cream on the inside. It is delicious as the cream is not too sweet.



営業時間 Opening Hour
Information Enjoy “Miso Potato”, a Chichibu delicacy.

Miso Potato (200 yen), the best combination of sweet miso and flaky-textured potato. Enjoy this snack food when feeling a little hungry.
Miso Potato

Don-Ya Aburi

Don-Ya Aburi

Opening Hours 11:00~21:00
Information Enjoy Roast Pork Miso, a Chichibu delicacy!

Chichibu Waraji Katsu Tei

Chichibu Waraji Katsu Tei

Opening Hours 11:00~21:00
Information Enojy Waraji Katsu-Don, a Chichibu delicacy.
Recommended menu item “Ougon Waraji Katsu-don” made with golden pork from Saiboku farm.

Chichibu Soba/Musashino Udon

Chichibu Soba/Musashino Udon

Opening hours 11:00~21:00
Information Enjoy famous Chichibu Soba.

Chichibu Miso Ramen

Chichibu Miso Ramen

Opening hours 11:00~21:00
Information Enjoy ramen made with Chichibu-produced miso.

Grilled Offal Houryai Tei

Grilled Offal Houryai Tei

Opening hours 11:00~21:00
Information Enjoy grilled offal.


Let’s go to Chichibu!

Matsuri-No-Yu, located in front of Seibu Chichibu station, is the closest hot spring to the station.

It is a highly recommended hot spring facility because of its good facilities and accommodations.

Please visit there when traveling to Chichibu.

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